Safety and maintenance

Safety should not be one goal among others, ilt should be a priority. As a matter of fact, at Autocar Excellence, it is even more than that, since for us, it is a promise. When you choose to rent one of our buses, you choose a complete safety guarantee on many levels.

Renowned manufacturer

The choice of a bus manufacturer, first of all, matters a great deal to us. We use Prevost Car vehicles, a well-known company across North America for the quality, reliability and comfort of its products.

In the context of your charter bus rental experience, we propose vehicles manufactured by a quebecer company that has been known in the business for years. Prevost Car vehicles are assembled with a special care for maximum comfort – whisper quiet and low vibration environment –, for reliability, safety and eco-friendly practices. Prevost Car coaches are the only ones in North America that have reached the ISO 14001 certification, which recognizes exceptional environmental conscientiousness.

Constant maintenance

Beyond our environmental practices, however, we do understand and firmly believe that safety must be everyone’s business, and a daily concern.

Indeed, for our customers, renting a charter bus represents a practical and comfortable way of transportation. For us, it is a promise we make to each and every customer. We always want to offer the best charter bus rental service in the industry, and that includes, we believe, complete maintenance of our vehicles before and after each tour, as you are about to find out.

Before each tour, drivers do a mechanical check on their vehicle and report their observations to our mechanics, who can make sure everything is in order for the safety of all passengers. This method allows us to maintain the highest standards of safety on our coaches.

Our experienced mechanics also conduct an impeccable maintenance routine on our vehicles. They regularly undergo in-service training, and they participate in a preventive maintenance program (PEP) recognized by the Société d’assurance du Québec (SAAQ), which is the governmental car insurance agency of Quebec. This spirit of prevention allows us to keep our safety standards among the highest and to maintain our vehicles in excellent condition.

Moreover, as a result of our safety standards, Autocar Excellence has been awarded and has kept, since 1999, a SatisfaisanteSatisfactory rating, which is the highest rating given by the Commission des transports du Québec (transportation board of Quebec).

Ongoing training

Our policy also requires our drivers to undergo in-service training for customer service, emergency procedures and CPR. Aiming for that same safety goal, we have provided each vehicle with a mobile phone with which drivers can contact us at all time.

Through all those measures, Autocar Excellence is able to make and keep the promise of safety and professionalism.