Sports team transportation in Quebec City/Levis

 Safety and comfort

Sports team excursions have to be thought of with specific logistics criteria in mind. Our Quebec City/Levis bus rental service will meet all of those criteria and make your organisation simpler. By renting a charter bus, you will make your sports team travel safely and comfortably, in great part because of the professionalism of our skilled drivers. Our vehicles are also large enough to accommodate all your participants and their parents as well as their equipment.

Furthermore, our charter buses are equipped with facilities that your players will enjoy in order to relax and unwind before or after their match : a DVD player, air conditioning, wireless Internet, the possibility of a Playstation 3, and many other deluxe equipments.

Team spirit

Renting a charter bus for a sports team is not only about transportation ; a group trip, whatever its destination is, generates great occasions for people to get to know each other, which strengthens the cohesion and the team spirit of a group. A comfortable ride in a charter bus can make a difference in the success of your excursion, and even in the energy level of your participants.

Saving and protecting

Our Quebec City/Levis bus rental service only brings positive aspects to the transportation of your team, because this service also allows you to save money and to protect the environment. Since all the members of your team will only be driving in one vehicle, you will reduce the total cost per participant, especially as far as gas is concerned. And don’t forget that you will also be traveling in an eco-friendly spirit ; one charter bus for a sports team is much better than dozens of cars on the road.

Moreover, if you’re planning transportation for many teams or many events, we can prepare an interesting offer that will give you very advantageous discounts.