Business trip from Quebec City/Levis

Renting a charter bus is the perfect solution for a business trip from Quebec City/Levis, in many respects. Our Quebec City/Levis bus rental service will make you appreciate the talents and knowledge of a professional driver who can take you wherever you need to go.

Cohesion and efficiency

Renting a charter bus from Quebec City/Levis will turn out to be a very wise decision for your business excursion ; indeed, the comfortable bus ride will allow you to appreciate the precious time you get while you’re traveling to chat with your co-workers or even to plan a little meeting on the road.


Our Quebec City/Levis bus rental service will make your business excursion a fun and successful experience in which the image of your business and the professionalism of our team will go along and seem to complement each other.

Shuttle service

In the city, particularly in Quebec City/Levis, providing your staff members with a shuttle bus service can be a smart thing to do in order to get rid of the parking or public transportation problems they might have. Moreover, a shuttle service guarantees the complete safety of your personnel.

If you’re planning such a project, please contact us, we will be happy to help you with it.