Other services

Wireless Internet

When you choose Autocar Excellence for your charter bus rental, you get to enjoy a service that has now almost become essential to any excursion : a wireless Internet connexion.

Since a coach rental is for us the most comfortable and the safest way to go on a trip, we believe it is also our duty to offer our customers the most modern and up to date services as possible.

So have a seat, relax and enjoy our wireless Internet service. That is the modern way of traveling.

Maintenance facilities for other carriers

Through our mechanical workshops that are equipped with all the necessary facilities for maintenance, Autocar Excellence offers to carriers passing through the region of Quebec City a mechanical maintenance service and a bus wash service.

We know that traveling sometimes implies unplanned events or incidents. For those situations to be taken care of, you can use our maintenance and washing services in the region of Quebec City, whether you are passing or staying for a few days.

Trust the professionalism of our experts.

For more information, please contact us.

Excellence Electronics

We always have in mind to offer complete and professional services, and thus in this spirit, we offer sale, installation and repair of electronic equipments that can be found on a coach bus.

Beyond our charter bus rental service, we want to accommodate and serve our clientele at the best of our ability. Whether your coach bus has technical problems or you wish to add some components to it, we can help you. Trust our experts and get a quality service.

Indeed, Excellence Electronics can install and fix many devices, including :

  • DVD players

  • Dashboards

  • Microphones

  • Monitors

  • Battery equalizers

  • Electronic boards

Please contact us for more information.

Emergency contact

Trips and excursions imply many people and often require a thorough planning. Nonetheless, if you are having any difficulty in the middle of your excursion, we can help you.

We are equipped with an emergency phone system through which it is possible to speak to someone at all time, everyday of the week.

Renting a coach bus with us represents a guarantee that your experience will be smooth and easy. We will make sure you can join us quickly and anytime in case of an emergency.

Here is our emergency contact : 1-800-463-2265