About us

 A history of passion

The idea of an enterprise often comes from a passion. The history behind Autocar Excellence confirms this : it shows the path of a charter bus rental company founded in the spirit of devotion to excellence, growth and improvement.

The beginning

The very start of Autocar Excellence now goes back many years in time ; one has to travel back to the 1970’s to find it out. Réal Boissonneault, whose family revolves around the business of transportation, becomes the director of Transport Fontaine Ltée in 1976. His passion and his work don’t go unnoticed, and he is soon asked to be the new president of the Association des propriétaires d’autobus du Québec – the bus owners association of Quebec. He works there between 1984 and 1986, a period that he dedicates to promoting the Quebec transportation industry, to showing and stressing its importance for provincial tourism and economy.

The founding

With already many years of experience behind his belt, Mr. Boissonneault decides, in 1987, to found Autocar Excellence, his own company, which will allow him to leave a legacy in an industry that he holds dear, the charter bus industry. His vision is simple, but solid : quality customer service and uncompromised safety are at the core of all his decisions. Mr. Boissonneault surrounds himself with partners who share the same vision, which helps the company grow and evolve : the Autocar Excellence fleet goes from 3 buses to more than 75.

The growth

In 2003, a new chapter unfolds in the history of the company : Autocar Excellence expands its territory and is now present in the regions of Quebec City, Montreal, Riviere-du-Loup and in New-Brunswick. The coach fleet of the company now includes 75 deluxe buses and 10 minibuses, which is a true pride for the Mr. Boissonneault and his staff members. How distant now seems the time when the company operated with 3 vehicles! And yet our team is still working with the same values and devotion in mind.

Going forward

In spite of the years that have passed, the values of the company remain unchanged : the quality of service, the safety and the comfort of our customers are still the main focus of Autocar Excellence.

Inspired and motivated by its history of passion and professionalism, Autocar Excellence wishes to address new challenges more than ever, without ever forgetting the customer, who holds the central position in our mission. Our team is still confident that offering transportation services and charter bus rental services is a privilege and a unique chance, the opportunity to contribute to a memorable and positive experience.

The quest for excellence

Safety, comfort, quality. Offering our clientele transportation and deluxe bus rental services that are unparalleled, that is our mission. We offer excellence in all regards. Nothing is neglected to make your experience a success beyond all expectations. We work to make sure nothing alters the quality of your trip.

A special place in the industry

Known as one of the leaders of group transportation and of deluxe charter bus rental services, Autocar Excellence represents the smart choice for thousands of customer who seek professionalism and quality. Our flexibility in terms of customer service has come to be one of our main assets, and we understand that the ability to adapt to the needs of each customer and to the evolution of this industry is a challenge that can turn into a great reward.

We are proud of our partnership with International Motor Coach Group (IMG), whose selection criteria are based on the customers’s complete satisfaction. Autocar Excellence is the only quebecer transportation company to join this prestigious North American group. An honor!

Being an active part of the transportation and tourism industries is also crucial, for Autocar Excellence. We serve on the board of the Association des propriétaires d’autobus du Québec (APAQ) as well as Motor Coach Canada (MCC). We are also a member of professional associations such as the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMC) and the American Bus Association (ABA).