Social club excursion in New Brunswick

A social club, by definition, is about people gathering to share a moment, an activity. Our New Brunswick bus rental service is perfect for this.

Indeed, renting a charter bus or a minibus for a social activity will help it very much be successful. Our safe and comfortable charter buses will provide your participants with a space to relax, chat and laugh, which will make their transportation relaxing and fun.

Nightly activities can also be taken in charge by our team ; our professional drivers will take everyone back home comfortably and safely.


Another main reason why renting a charter bus is a great idea has to do with the environment. Don’t forget that one vehicle is much better than dozens of them. In terms of environment, our New Brunswick bus rental service will make your transportation eco-friendly and responsible.

For your social club activities in New Brunswick, renting a charter bus really is the right choice.