Group travel from New Brunswick

Group excursions can be tremendously positive and thrilling adventures, but they can also turn out to be more complex than anticipated. With our New Brunswick bus rental service, make this excursion nice

and easy. As a matter of fact, renting a charter bus driven by a professional will allow you to stop worrying about many aspects of the organisation of your activity.


Renting a charter bus for your group excursion gives you liberty : it’s up to you to plan your itinerary from New Brunswick, whether you’re headed to Canada or the United States, and to find out your needs and communicate them to us. No matter what the size of your group is, you can use our New Brunswick bus rental service and rent a charter bus or a minibus to plan a group excursion that everyone will enjoy.


For us, it is essential that our New Brunswick bus rental service guarantee the satisfaction of our clientele, but also their safety. This is the reason why, for your group excursions, you will be relieved to count on the skills and knowledge of our professional drivers, whose experience will turn out to be very helpful to the smoothness of your group trip. Always aiming for the best service, we conduct preventive maintenance on all our charter buses in order to offer the most reliable New Brunswick bus rental service possible.


Our New Brunswick bus rental service offers vehicles that are equipped with all the necessary amenities to help you appreciate a calm and enjoyable group excursion. You will enjoy the radio system, the video and DVD system with monitors, the air conditioning, the washroom, the panoramic tinted windows, and even more. Your experience in our charter bus will be a charm.


One of our deluxe charter buses can carry up to 50 passengers. Think about the same number of vehicles headed to the same location. With our New Brunswick bus rental service, only one vehicle will be necessary : ours. This will save you gas and have a positive impact on the environment, but also on the cost of your group trip. Our New Brunswick bus rental service allows you to travel safely and comfortably, but also to travel in an environment-friendly spirit. Furthermore, renting a charter bus takes the parking problem off your shoulders ; the driver will take care of it.