Social club transportation in Bas St-Laurent

A social club, by definition, is about members gathering to share a passion or a taste for certain activities, for entertainment. Our Bas St-Laurent bus rental service is perfectly designed for this.

Indeed, renting a coach bus or a minibus for a social activity will contribute to its success a great deal. Our safe and comfortable coach buses will offer your participants a space to relax, chat and discuss, which will make their transportation fun and pleasant.

Nightly activities can also be taken in charge by our team ; our professional drivers will take everyone back home comfortably and safely.


Another important reason to rent a coach bus is the protection of the environment. Don’t forget that one single vehicle is always better than dozens of them. In terms of environment, our Bas St-Laurent bus rental service offers a win-win situation.

For your social club activities in Bas St-Laurent, renting a coach thus is truly the right choice.