Airport shuttle in Bas St-Laurent

Renting a coach bus is a simple and efficient way to avoid many problems, particularly others when it comes to airport transportation. Whether it is for the arrival or the departure of your travelers in Bas St-Laurent, if you want their experience to go smoothly, our Bas St-Laurent bus rental service is the solution. The punctuality and flexibility of our team as well as the simplicity of renting a coach bus will allow your group to travel together easily and to go in and out of Bas St-Laurent without having to worry.

Customised service

When you use our Bas St-Laurent bus rental service, our work starts as soon as the plane lands. Indeed, our bus drivers can welcome your group as soon as they enter the terminal to quickly guide them to their coach bus. Efficiency is the keyword!

Extra services

Attention to detail often makes a big difference. Our Bas St-Laurent bus rental service leaves nothing unplanned, and that is why your transportation to or from Bas St-Laurent can be improved with our extras : bottles of water, snacks, wireless Internet connexion, PS3, newspapers, bookings and more! Let us fulfill your needs, whatever they are.